The Fitness Academy – Sole F63 Treadmill Product Specs & Review

New from The Fitness Academy, here’s a detailed Sole F63 treadmill review for the Eric Fitness Facility.

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The Sole F63 treadmill has been described as a consumer level fitness machine which is built to meet commercial standards for home-based gyms. It has a quiet motor, wide display screen and controls on the handrails. But is it as good as they tell us? This Sole F63 treadmill review delves deeper into the specific features, pros and cons of this fitness machine.

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Sole F63 Treadmill Specs – Mini Review

  • Incline – 0-15%
  • Display Screen Size – 6.5”
  • Max Weight – 325 lbs
  • Speed – 0.5 to 12 MPH
  • Track Surface – 20inch x 60 inch
  • Horsepower – 3.0 CHP
  • Length – 82 Inches

High quality inputs; Sole Fitness, the manufacturer has a reputation of building among the best treadmill parts in the industry. While each product may come with its fair share of surprises, to this end, we can confirm that Sole F63 treadmill has good quality parts just like its siblings. Besides that, the manufacturer seems to have gone above and beyond the call of duty to add a few extras here and there – this are ideal for beginners who may find the task of keeping fit taxing. Some features worth talking about include: durable motors, large track rollers and cushioning.

Still, the F63 isn’t a luxurious piece, it is a basic machine – and the manufacturer has ensured that every element that counts is in its place. There are several Consumer Sites that has reported different stories about the quality of Sole Fitness products, since this kind of information is time sensitive, for different viewpoints, please google some recent Sole F63 treadmill reviews.

Overview of Some of Its Features

*Sole F63 Comes With Effective Motors

This treadmill has a 3.0 CHP motor which is ideal for jogging, walking and a bit of running. This motor is normally cooled by heavy duty flywheels. Normally, motors that are properly cooled tend to last longer as compared to non-cooled ones built to use the same amount of horsepower. Interestingly, despite the added features on it, it still operates quietly.

*It has a somewhat good design

F63 is space friendly. It can be folded to save space despite requiring a unique horseshoe design to keep it sturdy. By making it compatible, Sole seems to have successfully heeded to the number 1 complaint about folding treadmills – wobbling. This machine can comfortably handle up to 350 pounds without wobbling.

*Ability to track length and incline

If you are looking for a treadmill that can decently track your performance, then Sole F63 may be worth pondering upon. Given that it is a foldable treadmill, it is quite encouraging to see that it can incline by 15% (given it is 60inches long and 20 inches wide). As you will find out, an incline of 15% is just enough to burn calories in a more effective way than walking or jogging at 0 degrees incline. In as much as this treadmill may not be the top-rated choice in the industry, the fact that it has a well thought-out design speaks volumes of its ability to help one reach the peak of their fitness career.


As far as the question of impact is concerned, Sole seems to have done their homework. F63 uses CushionFlex technology which has been proven to reduce joint impact by over 40%. Compared to asphalt, this form of cushioning is much more effective.

*6 Calorie Treadmill Workout Options

Monotony is one of the top reasons people stop exercising altogether and the person who designed F63 seems to have kept that fact in mind. This treadmill allows one to choose from 6 different varieties of calorie workouts – these are in addition to other on-board exercise varieties and the manual mode. While any exercise is sure to facilitate weight loss, having workouts that are uniquely tuned to your requirements can make that process even much easier.

*Helpful Message Board

Treadmills can be quite complicated at times. Sometimes, you even have to reach for the user manual just to catch up with a few instructions here and there. Well, the F63 seems to have thought of an easier way to make following and keeping rules a bit easier. They have fixed the message board feature on the LCD display so that if you want to catch up on a few instructions here and there you can do it by scrolling on the screen. This is a helpful feature especially if you are new to treadmills and don’t want to keep interrupting your workout session just to read through a hard-copy manual piece.

*Easy To Use Console

In addition to having a 6.5 inch vibrant blue LCD display F63 has Incline controls located conveniently on the arm rest. Through the display you can read the time, incline, speed, distance traveled, pulse, calories and pace information. Because of its design, one can easily monitor their workout progress without having to stop to refer.

More Sole F63 Features

  • Quick controls to incline and change the speed at the touch of a button
  • Features an accessory tray and a cooling fan
  • Transport wheels for easy transport
  • Heart rate grips to ensure your heart rate is perfect
  • Thick belt that is either two or four-ply for added durability

Some of its Flaws & The Bigger Brother Sole F65 Treadmill

Well, despite the F63 the good rap this treadmill has received from some customers, it has some flaws, and you should consider going for the slightly more expensive Sole F65 treadmill (more about that further down). First, it lacks a shock absorbing system and this may be a problem especially if you expect to run on the treadmill frequently. In addition, it does not provide interval workouts and neither does it have a preset distance exercises.

Another significant flaw with the treadmill is that it lacks user IDs and tracking software. Without this basic feature, it might prove hard to keep a record of your personal bests.

But as you know, there is no machine that is 100% perfect. Even the high-end ones whose cost is beyond the roof still have significant flaws. Considering that, it is pretty clear that F63 is still worth investing in – especially if the missing features are unimportant. These omissions however need not be a big concern unless one is extremely specific about their availability for one reason or another.

If you feel that this treadmill is not adequate for your needs, I encourage you to check out it’s bigger brother; the Sole F65 treadmill, I found these pictures and this review with more in-depth information.

The 2017 F63 Treadmill – The Verdict

As we have seen in this Sole F63 treadmill review, this machine is built to compete with the best in the market. It has features that make working out enjoyable. F63 is ideal for anyone working out at a professional level or at the comfort of their own home.

Its special features; including a built in speaker, large screen display and cooling fan speak for themselves. This treadmill can indeed be helpful if you are looking to achieve your fitness targets without expert advice (more so because it works as your own personal trainer).

However, there are a couple of omissions to be mindful about though majority of those may not be of extreme importance.

On a scale of 10 we’d give it 8. It is therefore worth trying out.